Homemade fairy costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating an costume allows you to put your own creative mark on an ensemble. A one-of-a-kind fairy costume can be easily made at home using just a few simple supplies, such as wire, pantyhose, and glitter, ensuring you won't bump into any doppleganger fairies at your next costume party.

Fairy Wings

Wings are the most important part of a fairy costume. To create these, you'll need either a few bendable coat hangers or some 16- or 14-gauge galvanised steel wire, available at a home improvement store. Bend the wire, using pliers if necessary, into a basic figure-eight shape, which will give a winglike appearance. Continue to bend the wire until you get a wing shape you like. Cut the legs off a pair of pantyhose and stretch them over your wire wings. Choose shimmery hose if possible. Sparkly organza or another sheer fabric also will work. Sew the bottom to close the hole and cut any excess fabric. Use ribbon to sew or glue straps to the wings, which you can wear over your shoulders like a backpack. Decorate your wings by gluing fur, feathers or flowers along the edges of your wings. Use glitter, magic markers or fabric paint to decorate the centre of the wings.


A fairy outfit works best with any shimmery or sparkly fabric, such as tulle or organza. Wrap layers of fabric around your waist to make a skirt and secure the fabric with a belt or a length of sturdy ribbon. If you can sew, make an elastic waistband for a more traditional skirt. Use scissors to cut the bottom of the skirt into wispy strands. For more pizazz, glue flowers onto the skirt. A simple leotard and tights can be worn with your fairy skirt. If you want more coverage, make a simple cape out of any leftover skirt fabric and decorate it with flowers or glitter. Simple ballet shoes or slippers can be decorated with glitter and flowers to make fairy footwear.


Every fairy needs a wand. Use any sort of wooden, metal or plastic stick for the base. Cut a star out of cardboard and glue or tape it to the tip of the stick. Glue ribbons to the wand and add colour and sparkle using craft supplies. Decorate the star with glitter and paint. For a fairy-style hair accessory, glue plastic flowers (or real ones) to a headband and wear it in your hair. Put a little body glitter on your arms, neck and cheeks to achieve a fairy-like sparkle.

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