English Proofreading Exercises

Updated April 17, 2017

Proofreading is an excellent skill for students to master. It allows them to have the knowledge in order to correct their own work and reinforces the importance of clarification and precision. There are many proofreading exercises available for students to utilise in the classroom.

Daily Oral Language

Daily Oral Language is the daily practice of grammar, spelling and writing skills varying by grade level. This concept allows students to practice a collective of skills each day. Usually this in presented in sentence form. Students are asked to find the errors in each sentence. This type of exercise can be done individually, or as a class. Daily Oral Language workbooks can be purchased at most teacher warehouses or online. offers the purchase of Daily Language Review, a workbook that provides week-by-week practice for elementary grades.

Everyday Edit has an excellent resource for teachers that want to expose their students to editing and proofreading paragraphs. This site provides a month-by-month selection of paragraphs that students can proofread. Each paragraph has 10 hidden errors for students to find. The site also provides a printable version of the paragraphs and an answer key. This is a great exercise for students to reinforce their convention skills and makes a nice warm-up activity for the beginning of each day.

Pair-Share Revision

Another way for students to practice their proofreading skills is with a proofreading pair-share activity. This requires students to write a paragraph on any given topic, and trade papers with a partner. Once students have traded papers they are given a proofreading checklist that asks them to review the paper; looking for things like correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. The students take turns correcting the papers and then papers are returned for final copy rewrites. This allows the students to pick up on errors that the original writer may not have seen, in addition to correcting their own work.

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