How to learn VBA online for free

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Learning programs and software can be pricey but there are ways to learn the basics for free. All it takes is a little research and time. Everyone learns differently so finding the tutorial that works for you is key. VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is the language used within Microsoft Office programs like Excel to develop macros. Learning VBA can really enhance your skills when using the program.

Go to the Excel: Macros and Programming website and click on the "Contents" link on the top of the page. Click on "Section 2: Excel VBA Vocabulary: Lessons 11 to 23" and click on each lesson to learn more about VBA. This tutorial explains the language itself and helps you to create macros with a full understanding of how to use VBA.

Go to Vbutor and click on "VB Tutorials". You will see five tutorials to choose from, all teaching visual basic. Click on "Excel VBA Tutorial" and then "Excel VBA Tutorial" to start learning. This tutorial is designed for beginners and people who have no previous programming experience. It will teach you the basics of Excel VBA to prepare you for more advanced projects.

Go to the Free VBA Tutorials website and click on "VBA Tutorials" on the left. Scroll down to view lessons and click on each one to start learning. The tutorials purpose is help you understand the Visual Basic Editor as well as general programming.

Go to Anthony's VBA Page and click on Excel VBA Basic Tutorial Series. Click on Excel VBA Basic Tutorial 1 to start learning. The focus of this website is to show how you can apply Excel VBA in many academic fields like economics, mathematics and finance.

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