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Updated March 23, 2017

If you are one of the many people who love a crisp, cool pillow instead of one that is hot and slightly uncomfortable, you may want to consider getting a Chillow Pillow. You put it in your pillowcase along with your regular pillow and it stays cool without having to be put in the refrigerator first. If you want to purchase a Chillow Pillow, there are several sites where you can buy it and get the best one for your money. The prices cited here are as of late summer 2009.

The Chillow Pillow on is currently £25.90 for a single pillow and £45.40 for two. You can also purchase a larger one for your pet, which is priced from £14.10 to £25.1 depending on size. There is a shipping charge; you can choose from an array of shipping methods. currently sells three sizes of the Chillow Pillow. The regular sized one is £19.40, the Chillow Plus Pillow is £25.90 and the mini Chillow Pillow is £14.20. The delivery charge is based on the amount your order totals. Faster delivery is available.

The Chillow Pillow is currently £16.20 on and is eligible for free shipping when you spend £16 or more through the site. The mini Chillow Pillow is also available for £15.2. has the Chillow Pillow currently for £19.40. If you are a new customer to the site, you can get free shipping for this item. For every dollar you spend on, you can earn dollars. has the Chillow Pillow currently for £17.5. Shipping is not included in that charge. The Chillow Pillow may also be available in stores; however, prices could differ from that on the site.

Online Auction Sites

You may be able to find a good deal for a Chillow Pillow on an online auction site. Do a search for those that have a reasonable price and also have free shipping. If you want more than one, talk to the seller who may be able to give you a discount off the final price for purchasing more than one.

You can purchase various sizes of the Chillow Pillow on Prices currently range from £16.20 for the Chillow Mini to £29.20 for the ChillowPLUS. They offer free shipping throughout the United States along with a one-year limited warranty.

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