How can I reshape my padded bra?

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A padded bra helps create a smooth silhouette under tight fitting tops. If you do not look after your padded bra, however, it can quickly become lumpy and misshapen. A padded bra should be reshaped it as soon as it has been washed to keep it in good condition and prolong its lifespan.

Fill your bath or sink with cool water. Add a capful of handwashing detergent.

Drop your padded bra into the soapy water and use your hand to gently swirl it around. Avoid scrubbing or squeezing; a delicate touch is required here.

Leave your bra to soak in the water for 10 minutes.

Release the plug from the bath or sink and let the water drain away. Replace the plug and run enough fresh water to rinse your bra. Use your hand to move the bra around in the clear water.

Release the plug to drain the water. Spread your padded bra on a folded towel with the cups facing up and the clasp unfastened. Leave it to dry until it is still slightly damp.

Place an orange, grapefruit or other round fruit into each bra cup. Choose a fruit that is the best fit, according to your cup size. Hang the bra on your clothes line or indoor clothes dryer, hammock-style. The weight of the fruit will push the cups into shape as the bra dries.