Home remedies for stripping hair colour

Updated February 21, 2017

There are a number of reasons people choose to colour their hair. Perhaps they are tired of being generally classified as a "dumb blonde," or maybe they want to go from brown to black, red or even an unnatural colour as a statement of individuality. Sometimes they simply want to cover up the grey that comes naturally as age progresses. Regardless, sometimes the result is a bit shocking. If you act quickly, there are some home remedies for stripping the unwanted colour out of hair without paying a professional to do it for you.

Dark hair colour

Going dark is a look that can work very well for some people, but it can be something that is just too dramatic for others. What makes it worse is that black and other very dark hair colour penetrate deep into the hair and can be tough to eliminate. It is usually best to try and strip unwanted colour from the hair within a day or so before it has time to set.

Dandruff shampoo is a product found in many households because someone wants to get rid of those unsightly white flakes, but according to it can also strip dark hair dye and help fade it.

Anti-residue shampoos such as Neutrogena can also help strip black hair dye if left on overnight and washed out in the morning. It is recommended that the hair be drenched in hot olive oil for 2 hours and rewashed with an anti-residue shampoo again to minimise damage. Dishwashing soaps are also competent black dye strippers.

Baking soda

Hair colour fades when the build-up is stripped away, and one way to remove excess build-up on the hair is to use baking soda, according to Just mix baking soda with your regular shampoo -- a clarifying shampoo will work the best--and rinse out the residue along with some of the colour. This will strip down the colour to something you can hopefully deal with. To make sure you have enough baking soda in the shampoo, make sure it is gritty but not to the point that you are putting a paste on your hair.

Fried, green and tomato

Tomato juice is helpful for another kind of colour change in the hair. Sometimes chlorine or other bleaching chemicals found in hair colours can make the hair get a green tint instead of the stunning blonde you may be going for. This is a common hair colour nightmare, and something as simple as tomato juice can help get rid of it, according to The actual colour of the red juice is what will neutralise the green. Be careful to cover any clothing as this juice will not only help with your hair colour, but it will also make nasty stains on your clothes.

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