How to Clean Timberland Boots

Updated July 01, 2018

Timberland has made a reputation as a maker of comfortable, well-made shoes and boots. Their sturdy, rugged boots will last a long time if properly cared for. The boots and shoes, made for men, women and children, come in a variety of styles. Once known only as work boots, Timbs are now worn as casual dress shoes. Which method you use to clean Timberland boots depends on whether they're made from leather, suede or nubuck.

Purchase cleaning products and brushes directly from Timberland. Their products are designed for suede, leather and nubuck.

Go to a shoe store like Footlocker and ask for the products they carry to clean your Timberland boots. Some sell kits and others carry suede erasers to clean the boots.

Wet a rag and wipe it all over the surface of the shoe. Spray on shoe cleaner and rub gently with a sponge. Rinse and let dry. Timberlands dry quickly.

Use a soft brush to scrub away excess dirt. Hold the boot over steam as you scrub.

Try baby wipes to clean your leather Timberland boots. They'll moisturise the leather and clean off grime.

Put your boots on, and use a wet rag as though you were giving yourself a shoe shine. Finish the spots you couldn't reach with a brush.

Use mink oil or saddle soap on leather boots. Both will keep the boots waterproof. Work either into the leather with a soft rag.

Things You'll Need

  • Shoe cleaner
  • Brush
  • Rag
  • Baby wipes
  • Mink oil
  • Saddle soap
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