Queen of Hearts costume and tricks

Updated April 17, 2017

The Queen of Hearts is the classic villain from Alice in Wonderland, who famously shouted "Off with her head!" If you're putting together a Queen of Hearts costume, either for Halloween or a costume party, there are several areas of the look to pay attention to, from dress and accessories to hair and make-up.


The Queen of Hearts dress is iconic and easy to recreate. The dress uses the colours of the actual queen of hearts from a deck of cards, like red, yellow, black and white. The dress should have a long, full skirt with a bodice. A white collar can be added either in lace around the throat or with stiff fabric that sticks up toward the chin. A cape in deep red can finish the dress off.


The accessories for this costume can help add extra flair to your outfit. Items like black and white striped tights and bejewelled high heeled shoes are fitting. You can carry a sceptre to continue the queenly theme. Also, in the story the Queen plays cricket using a tall flamingo-like bird as a mallet. You can make your own bird mallet out of cardboard and paint for a humorous touch.


The hair for this costume should be regal and reflect the hairstyle an arrogant queen might wear. Pile your hair up on your head in an elaborate bun, twist or with braids. You can use bejewelled combs and pins to hold the hair in place. Finish your do off with a crown, preferably one that is decorated with hearts.


The Queen of Hearts make-up can add the finishing touch to the overall look. Apply make-up inspired by the faces on a deck of card, with white and red as the prominent colours. Use white face paint over your face or apply a pale powder. Outline your eyes in dark black eyeliner with some dark mascara. Then, apply a deep red lipstick to lips. You can even draw a heart over the centre of your lips with the lipstick

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