The Best Homemade Gifts for a 4-Year-Old Girl

Updated February 21, 2017

Homemade gifts for a 4-year-old girl should focus on what is appropriate for her development. She is able to play freely with lots of different objects, but is still getting a grasp on her motor skills, vocabulary and social interactions. She is interested in objects that are fun and pretty, more so than those that are expensive or complex. A 4-year-old girl will like gifts that spark her creativity and interests, such as imaginative play or art in the tub. There are lots items you can easily make at home for gifts or part of larger gift baskets.

Glove Puppets

Make a fun set of hand puppets perfect for a 4-year-old girl to play with out of old gloves, coloured felt and yarn. You can make each finger a separate animal for a zoo or barnyard set. Cut circles of felt in yellow for a lion, green for a frog, black and white for a cow, or brown for a cat. Cut small face pieces such as mouth, mane, eyes and tongues and glue these to the circles, then glue the circles to each finger of the glove. For a funny-face hand puppet, cut eyes, mouth, nose and ears from felt, and glue them to the palm of the glove. Knot five bunches of yarn together, and poke a small hole in each fingertip so that the knot sits inside the finger while the yarn streams out like hair from the fingers.

Bath Crayons

Four-year-olds will love drawing on the tub while taking their bath with these fun soap crayons you can make at home. You will need food colouring, soap flakes and an ice-cube tray.

Set out several small bowls in which to make different colours. Mix 2 tbsp of hot water with a cup of soap flakes in each, and add food colouring to the shade you desire. Stir the soap mixture until it thickens. It should be a malleable consistency, not hardened completely, when you make the crayons.

Press spoonfuls of the coloured soap mixtures into the pockets of the ice-cube tray, making sure there is a variety of colours. Let the soap crayons dry in the tray on a counter or other flat, undisturbed location for at least a day, and preferably two days, before removing.

To loosen them, turn the tray upside down and bang on it gently to avoid breaking the crayons. You can package these with pretty tissue paper in a box, or present them in a storage container.

Fairy Tutu

This easy tutu is a lovely gift for any 4-year-old girl who wants to pretend to be a ballerina, princess or fairy. You can adjust it depending on the length you want the skirt to be. You will need between 2 and 10 yards of tulle, depending on the puffiness of the skirt. Get a few different colours to combine, or make it all one colour.

For the waistband, you will need a piece of heavy flat elastic, a half-inch wide. Cut a length smaller than the child's waist by about 2 inches, so it will fit tightly. Overlap the two ends of the elastic and sew them together.

Cut the tulle into strips 4 to 6 inches wide, and twice the length you want the skirt to be. Stack three strips together, and fold the stack in half. Place the looped end of the stack underneath the waistband, and pull the loose ends of the tulle through the loop and around the waistband. The result should look like a necktie knot. Tighten the knot so that it is firmly around the band. Do the same with another stack right next to the first one, and proceed that way all around the waist. For a skirt for a 4-year-old, it might take 30 to 40 knots.

Tie ribbons on top of the tulle to make an even more fluttery effect. Add glitter, silk flowers, beads or other accents. If you want to add an interior waistband so the tulle doesn't scratch, hot glue a strip of softer material around the inside.

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