Free 60th birthday ideas

Updated March 21, 2017

Turning 60 is a huge milestone in anyone's life. Whether you're throwing a bash for yourself or for a family member or friend, use this article for some great ideas for planning an event to remember. These 60th birthday party tips will help you save time and money since they're all things you can do at absolutely no charge to you.


On your computer, assemble a slideshow of yourself or your loved one over the past 60 years. Hook it up to an overhead or simply play it on repeat on your laptop, letting others walk by it and watch it at their leisure. Set it to your friend's or loved one's favourite songs.

Free Invitations

For your free 60th Birthday Bash invites, type out the information on your computer in a word processing program. Don't forget to include a few pictures of the loved one you are celebrating. Print out the invitations and hand deliver them to family and friends.

You can also make your own invitations by folding a card in half width-wise, writing a 60 on it in block letters and then cutting the card out in the shape of a 60. Print the information by hand or run it through your printer. Hand deliver your invitations.


Compile a list of your loved one's 60 favourite hits and play them as a countdown during the party, like a radio DJ. Burn them onto a CD or bring your laptop along to the party and hook it up to the radio system. You can even clear a place for your family and friends to dance by moving chairs back.


Play some games to liven up your party. Cut up pieces of paper with the names of bands or TV shows your 60-year-old grew up watching and listening to (like The Brady Bunch or The Jackson Five). Have everyone interview one another, asking each other questions to try and guess who or what they have on their back.

Assemble your friends together for a game of charades or pictionary. Pick themes that deal with turning 60 like "hearing aids", "canes", "walkers" (as joke themes of course!). You can also go with Baby-boomer favourites like the first walk on the moon, Sputnik, Tang, Barbies and other things your guests may have done as children. Divide the groups up into teams. Have one person from each team pantomime or try and dry the object they have selected on the piece of paper. The team will have to try and guess within 60 seconds. The person miming or drawing cannot speak to the team nor can they write words. The team that has correctly guessed the word or object within the allotted time frame the most frequently will win.

If one of your friends owns a Trivial Pursuit game, especially one focusing on the 60s or 70s, have them bring it and play with all of your friends to jog your memory.

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