Challenge Yahtzee Instructions

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Challenge Yahtzee is a hybridised version of the dice game Yahtzee and the card game Poker. The general rolling principles of Yahtzee and the bluffing and betting principles of Poker make Challenge Yahtzee an exhilarating game of skill and chance.

Challenge Yahtzee requires you to follow the pre-established rules and scoring methods for the Yahtzee game created by Hasbro, but each player makes his own scoring decisions, like in regular Yahtzee, but on common rolls at the same time.

Gather players. Challenge Yahtzee can be played with two to four players.

Put the Challenge Yahtzee tray between the players so that it can be accessed easily be everyone.

Distribute a scorecard, pen or pencil and the five small dice that are used as markers for each player. Choose someone to roll first.

Roll the first scoring round. After a roller rolls the dice, each player must place any, all or none of the corresponding die markers in their hands in the marker placeholders on the Challenge Yahtzee tray. This will represent the dice/cards they are keeping for the next roll, much like in the first round of Texas Hold 'Em.

The roller rolls the minimum number of dice required to complete the hand of the player with the fewest markers. For example, if one player chose to mark or save three dice from the first roll, but another only chose two dice, then the roller would roll three dice. Players again place markers corresponding to the rolled dice in the marker placeholders.

After players have placed their markers, the roller will roll a third and final roll, again determining the number of dice rolled based on the minimum number of dice required to complete the hand of the player with the fewest markers. Following this roll, any players with empty markers will place markers in their empty marker placeholders.

Score the hands on your scorecard based on the scoring chart that accompanies Challenge Yahtzee.

Pass the rolling cup and dice to the player left of the first roller. Continue rolling scoring rounds and passing the roll until you have completed 13 scoring rounds.

Tally the scores and determine the winner.