Gift Ideas for 16-Year-Old Girl

Updated April 17, 2017

Choosing a gift for your 16 year old is only as hard as you make it. They are pretty easy creatures to buy for simply because they are vocal creatures. It is rare that a day goes by without her saying, "I want this," or "I would love that!" As long as you pay attention and know her personality, buying her a gift should be both easy and fun.

Day Spa Certificate

There is nothing a 16-year old girl will love more than a day spent at the spa,, being pampered and spoiled. From a body wrap to a full body massage, she will feel like a queen. To finish her day, she can receive both a manicure and pedicure. For added fun, you can purchase two certificates; this allows her to invite her best friend to join her in her day of relaxation. And who knows, maybe that best friend will be you.

Leather Bound Journal

Teenage girls have many thoughts they keep to themselves; thoughts they need to express, yet thoughts which are too private to share with even the closest people in their lives. This is what makes a journal such a special gift for your 16-year old. An ordinary journal will not do though. A leather bound journal offers a touch of class, making it more meaningful. Before giving it to your daughter, write a special note to her on the first page, one resembling the forwards found in best-selling books. Tell her how much you love her, talk briefly about the journal you had when you were her age and what it meant to you. End by telling her that you hope her journal brings her as much joy as your journal brought you.

Concert Tickets

When thinking about the perfect gift for your 16-year old daughter, one of the first gifts that should come to mind are concert tickets. Every teenage girl has a favourite group and would give her right arm to see them perform in person. If you are unsure who her favourite performer may be, ask her friends. Make sure you purchase additional tickets so she can invite one or two friends to come along and enjoy the fun. Complete the surprise with an envelope of spending money for souvenirs at the concert. For the sake of safety, buy a ticket for yourself and a friend; concert arenas can be full of maniacs and you need to be present to supervise what goes on.


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