How to Soften Itchy Wool

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Wool is warm and cosy, but it can be itchy to those with sensitive skin. If you have a sweater that makes your neck itch or you find that your hands itch when knitting with wool, you can soften it considerably with items you already have on hand.

You don't have to stop wearing your favourite sweater or abandon a ball of beautiful yarn.

Fill a sink with enough cold water to cover the yarn or garment.

Add 2 tbsp of plain white vinegar to the water. Immerse the wool and allow it to soak for one hour.

Drain the vinegar water and refill the sink with cold water.

Add 1 tbsp of hair conditioner beneath the stream of water as the sink is filling. Agitate the wool gently with your hands, just enough to mix the conditioner into the water. Allow the wool to soak for another hour.

Rinse the wool under cold running water. Squeeze out any excess water by pressing the wool against the sides of the sink.

Roll the wool in a thick bath towel to absorb as much water as possible. Hang skeins to dry. Lay garments flat on another dry bath towel and allow them to air dry.