How to Fill a Punch Balloon

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A punch balloon is a thick latex toy attached to a rubber band that allows it to be bounced off the hand. Larger than average balloons and with thick flexible walls, punch balloons are a fun single-person activity for younger kids.

More like a toy than a balloon, the structure is almost that of a ball, except it can be inflated and deflated easily like a balloon. Regardless of what you call it, a punch balloon is fun for many ages.

Flex the latex balloon by stretching it gently before inflating. Add a few teaspoons of rice to the inside of the balloon before inflating if you want to add extra sound effects for fun.

Attach the nozzle end of the balloon inflater or bicycle pump. The balloon inflater has an end that inserts into the mouth of the balloon and gets wider at the top for the balloon to fit over. A bicycle pump usually has a needle-shaped inflater for balls or balloons, but that part may not be necessary.

Pinch your thumb and index finger around the mouth of the balloon at the point the inflater is inserted. Pump air into the balloon, making sure the air does not go back out as soon as it goes in.

Slide your finger down the mouth of the balloon to pinch off any air flow as it gets full.

Release the inflater nozzle from the balloon while still pinching off the mouth with your fingers. Keeping the balloon closed, tie a simple knot in the latex to secure the air inside. You can undo this knot later, as a punching balloon is heavy-duty and designed to be used more than once. The balloon is now ready for use.