How much does a dozen roses cost?

Updated June 27, 2017

A gift of roses can send a variety of heartfelt messages like love, friendship or peace. The cost of a dozen roses can vary depending on the time of year, the quality of the blooms and the type of roses. If you're willing to compromise on one or more of these issues, you'll find some excellent deals and still make someone very happy.


The quality of a dozen roses includes how long the blooms last before drooping and dying, how large and vibrant the roses are, and how close to perfect each rose is. Most big box stores like Wal-Mart have selections of quality red roses that might have a blemish or two; a dozen should cost around £13. Higher-quality roses are found at florist shops; these blooms will often last up to a week. The average cost of a dozen roses from a floral shop is £39.


Roses are most expensive around Valentine's Day, when everyone clamours to give them as a traditional gift of love. Since the demand is so huge in February, rose growers must add more labour to get the crop ready for the busy season. Also, the rose plants themselves are nipped of extra buds so one bud will grow faster. That single bud must provide all the profit. A cost of a dozen high-quality roses can skyrocket to more than £65 in the few days leading up to Valentine's Day. Early orders may be less. After Valentine's Day, the price will drop to normal levels again. If you have a very understanding and thrift-minded sweetie, the day after V-Day may hold some very good bargains on roses at florist shops.


When you think of a dozen roses, usually it's a bouquet of red roses you visualise. Red is the most popular colour, and therefore the most affordable. Other colours like pink, yellow and white are common, and will have the same approximate price as red roses. Speciality roses, like those specifically dyed for an occasion in blue, black, lavender or other colour mixes, can cost between £32 and £58 per dozen. Rare roses, such as hand-grown heirloom roses from small farms or unique variations such as orange-tinted roses, can cost up to £78 per dozen, depending on season and vendor.

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