Gift Ideas for Chemo Patients

A cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy faces myriad challenges and difficulties, both physically and emotionally. Boost the spirits of a chemo patient, and perhaps help them to feel better physically as well, with thoughtful gifts to show you care.

Imaginative Head Gear

If hair loss is something the chemo patient is experiencing and they have decided to wear hats or scarves during their hair loss, perhaps they would appreciate new, imaginative or creative head gear. There are many turbans and hats that are made especially for cancer patients. Often, cancer patients decide to wear colourful scarves tied around their heads as a show of strength and courage in the face of illness. If you feel that you can sensitively give a chemo patient some kind of scarf or turban to wear on his or her head, this might be an appropriate gift.

Avoid giving the patient a wig, however, because this is something that needs to be purchased by the person who will wear it.

Cancer Awareness Items

There are many jewellery, clothing and accessory items that people wear to promote cancer awareness. If the cancer patient is receptive to promoting cancer awareness for cancer in general, or for his or her specific type of cancer, perhaps an item like this would be appreciated.

Find earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or a pin to give to a chemo patient.

Perhaps a T-shirt, hat, tote bag or some other type of accessory would also be something a cancer patient would appreciate, wear or use.

Creative Writing and Journals

Often, chemo patients are encouraged to keep journals and write down their thoughts and feelings as they travel through their cancer-treatment experiences. If the cancer patient is one who would be apt to keep a journal or engage in creative writing, give him or her an attractive journal and a special pen. You might try to find a journal made especially for guiding a cancer patient through some of the introspection, thoughts and feelings that chemo patients experience.

Inspirational Books

Find inspirational books designed to encourage, motivate, uplift and strengthen a cancer patient. Consider only positive books; however. Do not give reading material that is written to help someone accept and prepare for death. Leave books like this for the patient to purchase for him or herself, if desired.

Special Equipment

Often, chemo patients need special equipment to help them cope with chemotherapy. For example, in order to boost the immune system many people purchase juicers and make juice out of fresh fruits and vegetables. If the patient needs equipment items like this, consider purchasing what is needed.

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