How to Finance Breast Implants With Bad Credit

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The decision to have cosmetic surgery is life-changing. Breast implants are controversial. Many people consider breast augmentation a frivolous purchase, which increases the difficulty of obtaining financing. Health care plans and Medicare will not pay for cosmetic surgery.

There are sources for funding this type of surgery, even if you have poor credit. Complications can occur with any type of operation. Lenders don't like risk and are wary of financing surgery. Creative planning is required to source funds for breast implants. There are a number of options available, depending on your need or desire for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

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Speak with your bank manager, or call loan companies. If you can show income, and prove that breast augmentation will increase your earnings, you may have a better chance of obtaining financing. Women working in the adult industry, where breasts are a valuable asset, can claim breast enhancement as an employment expense.

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Contact your health care plan provider. Most health maintenance organisations, known as HMOs, will not cover elective surgeries. You may be able to circumvent the rules if your doctor decides you need reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, deformities or disfigurements. Let your doctor and health plan know if your condition is causing psychological difficulties.

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Search for a plastic surgeon who is reputable and board certified and ask if they help patients obtain financing. Some doctors are working with financing companies as an added service to their patients. Some of these companies will approve individuals with poor credit.

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Consider unconventional methods of obtaining funds. Some radio programs, such as Howard Stern, hold contests for breast augmentation surgery.

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