Where to Find Elk Meat to Eat

Updated July 20, 2017

Elk meat is not only a tasty change in red meat options, but it is also leaner and lower in calories than most meats. With just 94 calories for a 85.1gr serving, elk is a healthy alternative for red meat enthusiasts. For those who are not interested in going out and hunting their own elk, here are some options for finding the meat and purchasing it for your own consumption.

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company

Do not let the name fool you. Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company provides much more than simple bison options. This company, based in none other than Jackson Hole, Wyoming, offers up some top-quality elk meat as well. From elk burgers to elk jerky to elk steaks, there is not much you can't find in the way of elk products for sale. The prices range, depending on what you're buying, from £6.60 for salami to £34 for 2.27 Kilogram of burger to $206 for 4.54 Kilogram of various steak cuts.

Elk Meat Shop

The name says it all. The Elk Meat Shop is a website dedicated to the sale of elk meats and other elk products. This shop has a large variety of goods for sale. The Elk Meat Shop is based in South Dakota. It offers up cured meats, breakfast sausage, steaks, and even speciality cuts. The prices vary greatly depending on what you are after. It is just $3.50 for elk liver, $6.50 for breakfast sausage, $6.50 for summer sausage, and up to $140 for an 8-pound elk rib roast.


Elk USA, which is also known as Grande Premium Meats, offers a wide variety of meats to the elk enthusiast, ranging from elk heart to elk tongue. It offers large packages and samplers, as well as per-pound purchases. In addition to elk, Elk USA, which is located in Colorado, also has deer venison and buffalo meat, among others. Prices range from $3.75 per pound for back ribs to $5.19 per pound for ground meat, and $48 for an elk jerky sampler and $165 for 5.44 Kilogram of various steaks and meat.

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