List of unleavened foods

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Unleavened food is food that does not contain yeast or any other leavening agent like baking soda and powder, leaven dough, sodium bicarbonate and sourdough. Unleavened bread is a popular unleavened food used by the Jewish faith during Passover time. Besides this common type of unleavened food, there are many other foods that do not contain leavening agents.

Raw Foods

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Many raw, fresh fruits and vegetables can be classified as unleavened, as they have not had any leavening agent used in conjunction with their growth and development. Some examples of unleavened fruits include apples, oranges, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries and pineapple. Fruit is an easy, safe and acceptable dinner gift to bring for guests attending a Jewish Passover or Pesach celebration due to their unleavened nature. Broccoli, carrots, corn, capsicum and mangetout are a few vegetables that qualify under this category.

Baked Foods

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Gluten-free and flourless baked items that do not use yeast or other leavening products are examples of unleavened foods. Gluten-free chocolate cakes, doughnuts and chocolate chip cookies are baked foods that are unleavened. Baked vegetable casseroles or vegetable frittatas are also acceptable unleavened foods. As long as yeast and leavening agents do not go into the dish, it is leaven safe.

Packaged Foods

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Packaged foods can be a bit trickier to avoid leavening products, as they contain more ingredients and preservatives. Simple crisps containing potatoes, salt and oil work under this classification. Pure chocolate bars with minimal ingredients will avoid leavening as well. Matzo is a popular Jewish unleavened bread that can be bought packaged at the grocery store. Macaroons can be homemade or bought prepackaged and do not contain yeast products.

Other Foods

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Meats like chicken, beef, pork, bacon and sausages are unleavened as well as seafood items like shrimp, lobster, fish and oysters. Sauces that accompany these meats or seafood can be where leavening is hidden. Pickles, olives, onions and cheeses are great unleavened foods to serve as finger-foods or as appetizers.

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