Home Remedies for Veins on the Face

Updated April 17, 2017

Blue or purple swollen snakelike veins on the face and neck, or spider veins, as they are commonly known, occur in older people due to abnormal functioning of valves in superficial veins leading to stagnating of blood in the vein. This is most commonly found around the nose but may occur around the cheeks and lower face area too. Linked to sun exposure and age and causing much pain and irritation, though such facial veins can be easily treated with laser beams, there are certain effective home remedies for the condition as well.

Horse Chestnut and Witch Hazel

The seed of this plant is known to be the finest of herbal remedies for the pain and itching associated with swollen and tense veins on the face. This is because horse chestnut components are thought to improve blood circulation, bring down inflammation, and make veins and their capillaries stronger. Make a mixture of distilled witch hazel with one tenth the amount of horse chestnut tincture and put this on the areas of the face with spider veins. This will provide relief from discomfort. If you get hold of horse chestnut extract, that will for sure, provide 50 milligrams of the chemical aescin with each day's dosage, procure it by all means. Aescin is one of the chief agents that makes capillaries stronger and brings down leakage of fluids. So go ahead and take horse chestnut extract thrice daily for about three months for improvement in the condition. Just take care to see that your dosage remains within limits, or else it might prove toxic for your body. Another remedy would be application of extract of witch hazel, which is also known to make blood vessels stronger. Apply to facial areas inflamed with spider veins with an extract-dunked cotton ball for a calming astringent effect.

Bilberry, Butcher's Broom and Gingko Biloba

Take bilberry extract at least thrice a day to rouse new capillaries to form, make the walls of the existing vessels stronger and heighten vitamin C's effect in bringing down vulnerability of blood vessels. You could also take the extract of Butcher's Broom plant thrice every day to get relief from the facial spider vein condition, as this plant's compounds are known to aid in contracting and intensifying blood vessels. Another home remedy for veins on the face comes from ginkgo biloba. Extract of this plant is known to improve the circulation of oxygen and blood in the tissues. Taken thrice a day, this extract can prove to be helpful in offering relief from the painful vein condition.

Grape Seed, Gotu Kola and Hawthorn

Extract of the grape seed, known to enhance circulation, extract of the gotu kola known to be beneficial for vein deficiencies and swelling, and extract of hawthorn because of its zinc, sulphur and vitamin C components are all known to help in provision of relief from pain and itching because of veins on the face.

Skin Care

Veins on the face could also be treated with massages and a regular skin care routine. Use natural astringents like epsom salt daily, and get a half hour olive oil facial done on a regular basis to strengthen the blood vessels on your face and get rid of unsightly veins.

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