How to treat a skin rash in a whippett

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The whippet is a dog breed that is part of the sighthound group. These dogs, which are mid-size between the Italian greyhound and the greyhound, have short hair and delicate skin that can be susceptible to rashes and other skin conditions.

Because of the whippet's sensitive system, you must take great care when treating health concerns in these dogs. It may be best to consult a vet familiar with this breed for help with treatment.

Remove the source of the dog's skin irritation, if you can find it. Whippets can be allergic to certain things that can cause their skin to break out in a rash. Chemicals, mould, dust mites, certain foods and various other things can trigger a reaction. Check for any changes in the environment where the dog lives that could have caused the rash to break out. It could be something as simple as a change of dog food brands or a new household cleaner you used on the carpet. Think about what may have changed and remove any potential irritants. This may require you to switch to milder cleaners and detergents.

Bathe the whippet to remove any impurities or allergens from the skin and fur. Use a shampoo meant for sensitive skin to avoid potentially making the rash worse. Massage the shampoo into wet fur, then rinse thoroughly with warm water so no residue remains on the skin.

Apply a moisturiser or ointment formulated for dogs to the rash site. This will help reduce irritation on the skin and stop it from getting too dry or flaky. Keeping the skin properly moisturised and protected may also help keep the whippet from scratching at the rash.

Keep the rash area clean. Check the rash often and reapply a moisturiser as needed to prevent irritation while the rash heals.