Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Year-Old Boys

Updated February 21, 2017

Eight-year-old boys can be the most discriminating people on the planet. But with a little imagination and some know-how, you can have a fabulous party for your child. There are ideas for an 8-year-old boy's party to make life a little easier for you.


Eight-year-old boys love to have themed parties. Decide on the theme for your child's party. Consider what his personal interests are rather than just using the most current commercial theme. Embrace a theme that really tells people who your 8-year-old boy is. If his favourite colour is red, you could have an all-red party. Everyone has to wear red, serve red cake and punch, and have red balloons. If he loves baseball, you could have a baseball-theme party.


Eight-year-old boys want lots of activities and games. Having kids play in any room of the house is inviting disaster. Offer some outdoor games such as tag, a pinata, water balloons or shooting suction cup bows and arrows. Three-legged races and sack races are classics that will provide tons of fun for boys. Be ready for bad weather, though, by having some rainy-day games ready. Have an indoor treasure hunt or have the boys dress up in costumes such as pirates, kings and even ghosts.


Have a special chair ready for the birthday boy. You don't want to make it too girlish by making it a throne. But some cool robot effects are great. Use cardboard boxes that have been painted to look like robots or robot parts dress up your son's chair. Or tie lots of balloons and drape it with crepe paper. Make him feel special on his birthday with a special hat or wacky antennas to wear that are a little different than everyone else's. Have lots of helium-filled balloons. Have glass jars filled with candies on the birthday cake table.

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