Garden Planter Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Commercial garden planters are available in many styles. To create an unusual garden with things that might not be considered as planters is an excellent way to customise a garden to reflect the homeowner's tastes. View things in the home in a new light, and many ideas for garden planters will come to mind.


Many people have old work boots. Old work boots are quite unusual and make very pretty planters for a country-style garden. Drill holes in the heel of the work boots; fill each boot with potting soil, including the toe area. Leave enough room at the top for any desired plant. Tie the laces tightly around the soil and the tongue of the work boot. Set the boots side by side on the deck or garden, or separate them and place them in separate locations within the garden. The boots are long lasting, as they are made of leather.

Broken Terra-Cotta

Many gardeners probably have some broken or chipped terra-cotta pots lying around, or you can create your own. Take a large terra-cotta pot and a hammer. Try to break the pot so that the bottom and a portion of one side are still intact. Lay the pot on its side and arrange the broken pieces randomly inside the pot so they are sticking out at different angles. Once the potting soil is worked around the broken pieces and the plants are added, it holds the pieces in place. Adjust the pieces while working to come up with an unusual design.


Use an old metal watering can or washtub as well. Fill the can and/or tub with potting soil and plants that complement one another. For instance, small, colourful flowers mixed with bright green leaves like ivy that will spill down the sides of the container and tall grass-type plants create an unusual visual aspect to the planter and garden. Alternatively, fill the planters with large, blooming flowers that will cascade down the sides of the planter.

Other Ideas

A tour around the home and yard will usually yield many ideas: old tires, charcoal grill bodies, bathtubs, sinks, rock formations, vegetable colanders from the kitchen and unused pots and pans.

The possibilities are limitless. A little imagination goes a long way in coming up with new ideas for garden planters. A garden with unusual planters will always invite comments and second looks from visitors.

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