Which brown home hair dye lasts longest?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are thinking of colouring your hair a shade of brown, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Some types of brown hair dye can fade faster than others, which can lead to excessive maintenance and touch ups. In the following article, I will discuss which at-home brown hair dyes will last the longest.


First of all, choosing the right shade is key if you want your hair colour to last longer. Reddish-coloured dye fades very quickly, due to the fact that the red pigment used in these dyes has a hard time clinging to the cuticles. Shades like auburn, reddish-brown and some golden browns can fade a lot quicker than ash or neutral browns. In order to make a reddish-brown hair colour last longer, try shampooing your hair less or purchasing a shampoo and conditioner specially made for redheads. These products have a small amount of pigment in them that can keep your auburn or reddish-brown hair colour fresh. If you want your hair colour to last, avoid dyes with reddish tones and stick with ash or neutral browns.


There are three types of hair dye; semi- and demi-permanent, and permanent. Semi-permanent hair colour is usually the least expensive type of hair dye, the colour only lasting for about three weeks. This type of dye is a lot safer than permanent dye and creates less damage on your locks. Semi-permanent dyes are actually designed to fade out into your natural hair colour over time. This means less maintenance and no nasty-looking roots. If you want long-lasting hair colour, semi-permanent is not the way to go. Demi-permanent hair dyes are also temporary, but they last a lot longer, around six weeks or 20-28 shampoos. Demi-permanent colour is also gentler dye, containing no ammonia and little peroxide. The final type of hair colour is permanent, which is by far the longest lasting hair dye. Although permanent dyes with red tones will fade over time, permanent dyes typically will last several weeks. Although more harmful to the hair, permanent dyes only require one application with monthly root touch ups instead of consistent application like semi- or demi-permanent dyes. Permanent hair colour will need to be applied all over the head every few months or so to freshen up the colour.


Spending a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean your colour will last longer. In my experience, I have found that mid-priced hair dye brands such as Garnier Fructisse and Nice & Easy have a long colour life. Nice & Easy also has a root touch up product that will help keep your roots fresh in between colourings. Herbal Essences hair colour also is a great mid-priced hair colour that contains moisturisers and smells great.

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