Gift Ideas for Girls Age 8

Getting a gift for a little girl seems easy, but many people have a difficult time finding what a child likes. Eight-year-old girls fall into a special age group, outgrowing the more childish gifts like dolls, yet still young enough to enjoy children's toys and games. Following the tips below, you can find an excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl.


Eight is an important age for girls and boys, and it's known that girls develop faster than boys mentally and physically. Giving a girl the gift of knowledge is a great idea for this reason. There are numerous educational materials marketed to young children as fun toys or games. Puzzles stimulate a child's mind and entertains her for hours. There are also encyclopedias and chemistry sets targeted for young children.


Art is another great idea for a little girl. Creative activities boost a child's developmental rate and provide a fun and calm way to pass the time on days when the weather is bad. Some great gift ideas for the artistic child include artist's easels, water-soluble paint sets and doll-building kits. These kind of toys will not only excite any little girl, but will provide her with hours, and possibly years, of enjoyment.

Cute Stuff

Little girls love cute things, especially 8-year-old girls. For the girlie-girl there are make-up kits that feature clear lip gloss and other accessories that will amuse girls who like to play dress-up. Gift cards to places like American Girl boutiques are also great gifts.

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