What hair color looks best with hazel eyes?

Updated April 17, 2017

Having hazel eyes gives you the opportunity to experiment with many different hair colours that can bring out different colours in your eyes. To make hazel eyes really show at their best, choose a hair colour that complements not only your eyes but also your skin tone.

Choosing Sides

If you have ever visited the hair colour aisle at your favourite pharmacy or retail store, you know that there are many options to choose from. Generally, the colours fall into one of three categories: blond, brunette or red. Hazel eyes will reflect a different dominant colour with each of these colours. Blond hair tends to bring out the lighter colours in hazel eyes such as blue, green and yellow. Brown hair will bring out the darker greens, brown, gold and grey. Red hair will display brown and grey highlights in hazel eyes. Take a good look at the dominant colours in your eyes before choosing which base colour you would like to dye your hair. To draw the most attention to your eyes, pick a neutral base colour such as a warm dark brown or blond. Red hair tends to draw out only the neutral colours in hazel eyes and will make them appear to be primarily brown or grey when used as an all-over base colour.

Working with Hazel Eyes and Your Skin Tone

After using the dominant colours in your eyes to choose which base colour you will be using, determine your skin tone to decide what shade of that colour you will be using. There are two categories for base colours: warm and cool. Warm tones have gold or red undertones to them, and cool tones have blue, violet or silver undertones. Cool tones look best on people with dark or olive skin tones. Warm tones look best on people with pale skin tones. The tone will be noted on the hair colour box, usually underneath the hair colour. Warm tones will bring out the bright colours in hazel eyes, particularly greens and gold. A cooler tone will bring out blues and greys. The best base colours for highlighting hazel eyes are warm medium to dark browns and pale golden to dark blond.


Being conflicted between two choices for hair colours is common. Hazel eyes offer so many choices for hair colour that it is often difficult to decide between blond and brunette, especially if your eyes display both warm and cool colours. Use the dominant colours in your eyes to decide which base colour you choose. If you want to bring out the less common colours in your eyes, choose a secondary hair colour that complements both the secondary colours in your eyes and the base colour you've chosen. Remember that warm colours go with warm and cool colours go with cool. Don't mix the two. Use the secondary hair colour to highlight your hair. Place larger highlighted sections close to the front where they will frame your face and draw attention to the additional colours in your eyes. Red makes a very good colour for highlighting hazel eyes because it will draw out the darker, neutral colours in hazel eyes without detracting from them as it generally will as a base colour.

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