What To Wear With A Black Pinstripe Suit

Updated March 21, 2017

Black pinstripe suits can look neat and sophisticated, and they're an elegant option from everything from the boardroom to a formal event. But often, wearing the wrong accessories can ruin the whole look, making the wearer seem utterly unfashionable. Luckily, there are a few simple rules to follow that make sure you always look clean and polished when stepping out in your best black pinstripe suit.


When wearing a black pinstripe suit, it is critical to have shoes that match. This means you should always be wearing black dress shoes. Don't wear scuffed shoes. Have them shined at your local shoe repair store before stepping out.


Wearing white socks with a black suit is a huge fashion faux-pas. Make sure you wear only black dress socks when donning your black pinstripe suit.


Wearing a solid tie is your best bet for wearing a pinstripe suit. Wearing a tie that has a competing pattern will ruin the look entirely. You can wear a tie of any colour, but it's a good idea to coordinate it with your entire look. And yes, you can wear a black tie (as long as you're not also adding a black button down shirt). Subtle patterns that don't compete with the stripes are acceptable. If you are unsure, ask a style-savvy friend or family member, or get the advice of a sales associate at your favourite store.


A white shirt with a pinstripe suit will always look polished. However, you can wear almost any colour (except grey, as it offsets the black too much), but it is best if you stick to solids. As with the tie, avoid a button-down shirt with checks or patterns that will compete with the suit's stripes.

Cuff Links

Cuff links can add pizazz and polish to your look. Gold or silver are appropriate choices, as are jewelled cuff links. However, if you have other jewellery you plan to wear (such as a watch or ring), your cuff links should coordinate with it in tone. Mixing metals is difficult for most men or women to pull off, and it's safer not to.

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