Home Wet Bar Design Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When designing a wet bar to go in your home, you need to consider where it is going to be in the home and what it is going to be used for. Some design a wet bar to be installed between the master bedroom and the master bathroom as a place to obtain water or other drinks from without the need to go into the kitchen. Others design a wet bar for a recreational area for alcoholic beverages.


When choosing the type of lights to be installed in or around your wet bar, first decide what time of style you want to have. If the wet bar is going to be installed in your bedroom, then additional lighting would most likely be best under the cabinets that are built over the sink area. When speaking of the recreational wet bar, purchase pendant lights to give more of a modern feel to the area. The lights come in different shapes and sizes and will enhance the lighting for your wet bar.


The cabinetry can be used for different reasons when designing a wet bar to go into your home. The cabinetry under the sink of the wet bar is used for storage, whether it is for cups, drinks or both. If the owner or designer is designing this area for a wine connoisseur, then one idea would be to install extra storage space above the sink as a wine storage area. Cabinets and drawer space will then go on either side of the sink for glasses and cork screws.


The type of seating depends on what type of wet bar you are installing. If this wet bar is the type that is between your bedroom and bathroom, then you most likely not need a sitting area for this. If, however, you are designing a recreational wet bar, the choice then becomes whether to get traditional bar stools or high chairs that fit the style of your bar. If you have a modern or contemporary style idea in mind, then purchase the bar stools. If you prefer the traditional or classic look, purchase high chairs for seating.

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