How to convert a cargo trailer into a concession trailer

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Converting a cargo trailer, often called a box trailer, into a concession trailer involves basically converting it into a mobile kitchen. The most common concession trailer requires electrical wiring, as well as plumbing installation for a sink.

The empty cargo trailer can also be altered to include at least one window. Panels can be created to form an awning over a condiment section of the trailer. Concession trailers typically feature a griddle or portable gas propane stoves.

Measure the cargo trailer to ensure that it will accommodate your needs for a concession trailer. You will want a working sink with hot and cold running water as well as a preparation table with a cutting board. Most food preparations will require the trailer to be fitted with adequate refrigeration compartments to store fresh foods.

Create a blueprint of trailer layout using computer software or graph paper and pencil. You will need to have accurate measurements for equipment placement, wiring and plumbing.

Your plan needs to outline parameters your needs for your concession trailer measured against the parameters of the cargo trailer that you hope to convert.

Purchase a grill for cooking and a beverage maker. You will also want to purchase a small sink. There are many available designed for recreational vehicles that would fit into a concession trailer. The sink will require installation of plumbing for spigots and a drain. The sink's drain can be connected to a large waste container at the end of the drain pipe.

You will need to install at least one large, screened service window for food service. A ventilation system should be installed just above the window. Typical windows are made of sliding glass or wooden shutters.

Test your concession trailer to make sure it won't tilt or become unstable when machinery is placed on the floor or you are walking from one end to the other. The equipment installed should remain stable when the trailer is moved.