Sissy maid duties

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Sissy maids are defined as men who enjoy dressing up in women's clothing and serving their employers. A sissy maid often wears a traditional maid uniform and performs the same duties as any household worker, such as serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and helping the employer with guest entertainment.

Kitchen Work

A sissy maid is responsible for kitchen duties, including light cooking as well as meal serving and subsequent cleanup. All dishes must be washed and the kitchen thoroughly cleaned. The cabinets must be organised and the floor swept and mopped.

Bathroom and Bedroom

Sissy maids are responsible for cleaning the bedroom and bathroom, including making the beds each day, folding and organising clothing, and ensuring that all shoes are placed where they belong. Bedroom furniture, such as vanities, bedside tables and bureaus, must be dusted regularly and the floor must be vacuumed. The bathroom sink, shower and toilet must be scrubbed on a daily or almost-daily basis, depending on the desires of the employer. Bathroom supplies such as soap, toothpaste and shampoo should be replenished as needed. As with the kitchen, the bathroom floor must be swept and mopped. Any bathroom rugs should be washed regularly.

Guest Entertainment

A sissy maid is on duty whenever the employers are hosting a party or other type of get-together. Sissy maids must prepare all snacks requested and direct any additional help hired for the event in terms of food preparation and service. The maid is responsible for all cleaning prior, during and after the engagement and needs to be available for "fetch duty," or any time the employer needs something, such as more napkins or another bottle of wine. The sissy maid should also be on hand to assist in any demonstrations the employers are performing.

Other Duties

Other duties required of a sissy maid include lunch and dinner preparation, keeping the employer's basement clean, including ensuring all equipment is in its proper place, dusting any furniture, replenishing any supplies that are used in the basement, such as washing powder by the washer and dryer, cleaning any equipment and vacuuming the floor. A sissy maid must be prepared for any needs the employer might have, such as how he likes his morning coffee, and maintain a professional attitude at all times. Sissy maids must report promptly for duty each day.

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