What is the height of countertops in bathrooms?

Bilal Aslam: stockvault.net

Choosing a bathroom counter height now depends on your needs instead of just a standard height. Although there is an industry-standard height, manufacturers offer bathroom counters for custom sinks and that meet the needs of taller people as well, so you can choose the counter height that best suits you.

Standard Height

Most manufacturers of bathroom cabinets consider 29 or 30 inches as the standard height. Once the countertop is put on, the standard height will increase by approximately 1 inch, to 30 or 31 inches in total height.

Back-Saver Bathroom Counter Height

In recent years, a lot of new construction homes feature back-saver bathroom counters, whose standard height ranges from 33 to 35 inches tall. These taller counters can also be ordered from bath showrooms and make using the sink more comfortable for taller adults.

Bathroom Counter Height for Vessel Sink

If you choose a vessel sink, which sits on top of the bathroom counter, then your bathroom counter height will depend on what type of vessel sink you choose. If the vessel sink is tall, then the standard counter height of 29 or 30 inches will balance the taller sink. If the vessel sink is low and wide, it is better to choose a back-saver counter.


If you're renovating your bathroom and are tall (over 5 feet, 8 inches), consider using a base kitchen cabinet as your bathroom vanity, whose standard height is 35 inches and, once you add a countertop, will be a more comfortable 36 inches tall. Kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so your bathroom will have a more custom look. If you choose a base kitchen cabinet, the standard width is 24 inches instead of the standard 18 inches for a bathroom counter, so you will need to get a custom countertop.


If you have back problems or trouble bending over, choose a back-saver bathroom counter or kitchen base cabinet (depending on your height). If you don't have to hunch over to brush your teeth, you can improve your posture and prevent unnecessary back pain.

The standard bathroom counter height works best for shorter people or a children's bathroom and can be found at home improvement stores, often for a lower price than back-savers or custom cabinetry.