The Average Cost of Adding a Carport

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Carports can save your vehicle from the harmful effects of hailstorms, rain, snow and sunlight. When purchasing a carport, consider the associated costs. If you're trying to save money, you may have to do some of the labour yourself.


Carports are alternatives to garages. They can typically fit 1 or 2 vehicles, and may have some room leftover for storage or a small work area. Carports can be attached to or detached from a home.


The size of the carport is the main cost factor. How much space you'll need directly affects all of the other cost factors. A small carport may cost you £1,300, while a larger carport may cost £3,900, according to Repair Home.

Other Considerations

Along with the cost of the carport, there are other, associated fees. These may include contractor fees, delivery fees and installation fees. You can avoid some of these fees by doing the labour yourself. You may also have to pay site preparation fees, which would include any excavating, concrete or blacktop pouring and wood framing. You'll also end up spending more to have an attached carport versus a detached carport.

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