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The best height to put a shower head

Updated February 21, 2017

Building regulations do not specify a particular height for a shower head. However, there are standard heights for shower heads that builders use when installing baths, showers and the necessary plumbing.

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Standard height

Standard height for a shower head is 152.5 cm (61 inches) from the bath or shower pan floor. This height makes it convenient for most users.

Individual preference

No specific rules apply to shower head height. Optimal shower head heights might range from 135 cm (54 inches) for a 1.5 m (5 foot) tall person to 1.8 m (78 inches) for someone 1.95 m (6 1/2 feet) or taller.

Accessible heights

Accessible showers must provide a shower head on a flexible hose that is at least 150 cm (60 inches) long and usable as either a fixed or hand-held shower head. Some disabled access showers have a vertical bar that allows the fixed height to be set as desired and others include an additional shower head set at 150 cm (60 inches).

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