Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Laurel Leach, and I'm here to talk to you about how to feed sick dogs. Now, some sick dogs should not be fed, so you should always speak with your veterinarian about why your pet is sick. Because if a dog is not eating, there may be a variety of things going on. And if your dog is not eating and vomiting, then you definitely need to see your veterinarian, because it could have a range of serious conditions from pancreatic inflammation, to obstruction, to possibly even a cancer that's obstructing your pet. But if you've seen your veterinarian and you've, you and your veterinarian have elected to try and feed your pet at home, then here's one option that you may do. Your veterinarian may have given you a catheter tipped syringe. It has a large feeding, it has a large nozzle so that you can feed. And one thing that you may do is get either baby food that from the grocery store. Or your veterinarian may have some special diets that are blendable and easily mixed. And so what you would do is take the diet, the special canned food and either suction it up or mix it with some water. So, we've got this blended mix that we can easily suck up into the syringe. And then if we have our sick patient then this can be gently syringed and slowly syringed into the patient. That would be one way that you could feed your sick patient, your sick pet at home.