Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rick with Gardens by Rick. And in this video I'm going to show you how to decorate your garden using decorative stones. Of course there's a whole lot of things you can do using decorative stones in your garden. This is one of the finished projects that we just finished working on here at Gardens by Rick. This is a Japanese theme water feature using large Mexican river rock to emphasis and act as a river. And the three basalt columns here to my right are the main focal point of the water feature. This is natural real basalt. And they are cut in column forms. And the one in the middle is the one that's bored out and putting water out. The rocks also are doing a good, not only do they look good but they are also doing a good task over here. And that's to hide the sunken reservoir which contains all of the water that this recirculates and sends up through. And it's really a beautiful effect the way the water bounces off the basalt columns and the river rocks. And this is one nice idea of one way you can liven up your garden using some natural decorative stone. This is another good example of how to use a nice decorate stone in the yard. The beautiful element about adding stones like this into the garden is that it really gives you the contrast of texture that you need to really create a beautiful garden when you look at it. I mean if it was just a lot of bushy plants it would be not very beautiful. If it was just a bunch of stones like this it wouldn't be very beautiful. But with the right contrast of soft plants like this maiden hair fern against the stone. And then behind it a fern camellia with a more solid skeletal construction that's firm and more, more hard in shape, contrast so perfectly with this. This whole theme here as a whole with the use of this rock is what makes it so special. And without this rock being here if it was just this camellia and just this maiden hair fern and maybe a few other plants it wouldn't be as dramatic. And it really wouldn't bring out the black in these stalks of the maiden hair fern. You wouldn't see the true colors and textures of both of these plants and appreciate them as much as what how you can with the addition of some decorative stone in the yard. Again Rick from Gardens by Rick and those are some ideas on how to use decorative stones in your garden.