Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tamara from Sunland Hydroponics. And today, I'll be showing you how to grow beef tomatoes. Now, what I started off with was a cocoa fiber and perlite mixture. I'm just going to make a little space for this pre-potted beef tomato. I'm going to take it out of its actual container, and I want to loosen the soil up a little. Now, this is a soil and perlite mixture that's already in, but it's okay if you mix mediums. You can just plop this right into the mixture, and just fill around the empty edges, just like that. And, it's pretty much filled now. For the beef tomatoes, we've chosen to do a three part nutrient feeding schedule. Basically, what we're going to do is a Grow, Micro, and Bloom, and the reason why we're choosing the three part nutrient is because it's better than a one part or a two part, where you'll have better nutrient control. We're going to be using two milliliters of the Grow, and what I have here is about a gallon of filtered water. And then, I'm going to use four milliliters of the Micro, and then eight milliliters of the Bloom. Now, I'm just going to mix all three of these. And then, I'm going to take the mixture, and just start feeding my beef tomato right on top. And, you'll see with the cocoa fiber and perlite mixture, you'll get better drainage. The cocoa fibers will uptake the nutrients better also. And, that's how to grow beef tomatoes.