How to Regrit a Potato Peeler

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Peeling potatoes is a necessary step for creating many delicious dishes. Using an electric potato peeler can greatly cut down on the amount of time needed to prepare potatoes. An electric potato peeler uses a grit covered plate to peel the skin off potatoes. The grit plate is a metal plate covered with a sandpaper like resin. If you begin to notice a lag in the amount of time it takes your machine to peel potatoes, it may be time to regrit the plate. In most cases, this takes just a few steps.

Remove the abrasive disk from the potato peeler.

Wash the disk using soap and warm water.

Dry the disk thoroughly.

Check the disk for any damage. Look for cracks and nicks in the plate. Superficial damage can be covered; deep damage may indicate that your plate needs to be replaced.

Cover your work surface for protection.

Apply a coat of a regritting resin to the plate.

Place the plate in the oven. Set the oven between 82.2 and 93.3 degrees C and bake the plate for 2 hours.

Add additional coats of regritting resin as needed.

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