How to steam cook a chicken breast

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Steam cooking is an easy, flavourful and healthful way to cook in your kitchen. However, instead of limiting your steam cooking to vegetables like broccoli and squash, try steaming chicken breasts. Follow these simple steps for a different way to cook chicken breasts.

Remove the skin from the chicken breast using a knife. Discard the skin.

Add seasoning to the chicken breast. You can use any spices or herbs that you like such as Mexican spices or lemon pepper seasoning.

Pour a few inches of water into the pot and place the pot on a burner on the stove.

Place the strainer inside the pot and position the chicken breast in the strainer. Make certain that the cooking liquid does not touch the chicken breast for proper steaming.

Put the lid on the pot covering both the strainer and the chicken breast.

Turn the burner on high and let the chicken breast cook for approximately 10 minutes.

Check on the chicken breast after 10 minutes of cooking. Take the lid off the pot and use a knife to cut 3 slits into the chicken breast. Flip the chicken breast over and then replace the lid.

Continue to cook the chicken breast for approximately 15 more minutes. Check for doneness and continue cooking until the chicken is completely done.

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