Video transcription

Hello, my name is MIke Georgia. I'm the landscaper here in Southern California, Los Angeles area. I'm the Rototillerguy, and we're pick axing the soil and the reason we pick ax is so that later on we're going to use a Rototiller, and we get down and we dig this six inches deep and then that makes it easier to rototill. So this, unfortunately, is the hardest part of the deal, the physical labor of actually pick axing the soil, and you really want to do this really well. You want to get this down six or eight inches deep because that's as far as you want the tiller to go, get down six or eight inches deep, and this way you're being very uniform about the level of the soil you're getting, and what you're also doing is in doing the top shaving and removing of the grass, now you're actually going to get the roots so that you're going to start exposing the roots of the unwanted grass that was there, or the unwanted weeds that were there. So, you're going to start you know, there's, at each point you're going to be removing the unwanted material out of the soil. So right now, we're pick axing. We're exposing the roots of the grass that we don't want, and we're, we'll be raking that off and then rototilling later. So again, this is Mike Georgia. I'm the Rototillerguy and the landscaper in Southern California, Los Angeles area.