Video transcription

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, owner and director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga, and today I'm here to teach you some yoga positions to induce labor. Now, word of caution, these yoga positions should traditionally not be done if you are pregnant during your actual term. But they're great positions to do at the end of your term if you're seeking to induce labor. If you're pregnant and trying to induce labor, yoga can be a very useful practice for you. I'm going to show you a couple of positions that are great for inducing labor if you're pregnant and show you also how to modify those positions if they're uncomfortable for you in this variety. So first, we'll start with the downward facing dog. A great way to get there is by inhaling and dropping your chin, and then rolling your shoulders down, and going all the way down to your fold. Then, I would recommend walking your hands out and exhaling as you settle back on your heels. Now from here, there's lots of different ways you can use your downward dog to stretch your spine and press your chest towards your knees. You can walk through your feet by just lifting one heel and then the other. You can also rock back and forth between your downward dog and your plank pose by going up on your toes, dropping down to your plank position, and then lifting your hips up and back to your downward dog. You can also rock your chest forward and then up a little bit and rock your chest forward. Once you're tired of being in the downward dog, you can roll up on those toes, drop down to your knees, and enjoy your cat pose. From here in your cat pose, you can go into what's called the sun bird pose, where you lift up one leg, and try to balance just on three limbs. This is great for strengthening the spine as well as the arms, because you'll need nice, strong arms to carry a baby around. And of course you'll want to do this on the other leg too. As you inhale, dropping one knee down, and as you exhale, lifting the other leg up. Now all three of these positions, cat pose, sun bird, and downward dog are really great poses to use as you are trying to get that kiddo to come out, but if you find yourself unable to do them, and as I know, some expectant mothers are, then I recommend you seeing a chair to help. So, a chair can be a really great tool to simulate the same muscles working as would in a downward dog. All you have to do is step out from the chair, holding on to it, and you can find a nice flat back position this way. This is going to give you all of the same benefits as the downward facing dog, but not be as uncomfortable as a downward facing dog. Now from here, if you're feeling really adventurous and don't want to get down on your hands and knees, you can always lift up a leg and then you'll be working the muscles that you would have in your sun bird pose. Now that you know which yoga positions induce labor, I wish you the best and good luck, happy pushing. This is Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.