Six-Pack Abs With an Exercise Ball

Video transcription

Okay, so, we're here on the physio ball, or the swiss ball. Now first of all we want to get some of that lower back tension out. So I want you to kind of cave your spines, so we're rounded forward. Want you to walk your feet out, and round that spine tilt that tail bone up, we're going to round massage your back with the ball; 2, like a spoon, and 3, good, and 4. Let's bring our shoulder blades to the ball, and then we'll throw our arms over the head, release that neck. Now get a nice stretch, and lets roll back slowly towards the floor, walking our hands towards the floor; 3 and 4. Push out, 2,3; on those toes; push out, stretching to a bridge, stretch out. Bridge position, feet underneath, up, good; up off that ball; 2,3; and up off that ball, 2,3. Good. Let's put our feet flat on the floor. Let's let our pelvis lift on the ball, on limb, part of the back. This is what, hyper-extension, extension, flexation, extension, hyper-extension, extension, flexation; 4,2, suck in; hyper-extension 4,2; suck in; flexation for 2; hyper-extend, hyper-extend, 4,2. Now, point of interest. People with neck problems, weak cervical disk. Bring the hands here, keep the chin slightly into the chest. Again, do not rotate the neck, it stays fixed, the head is fixed, one position, 2, from the start and end, 3. A dozen round. Nice and relaxed. That was a bridge to stretch a lumbar spine, hyper-extension to extension, into flexation

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