Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mark Bauer with Bauer Small Engine Repair and I'm going to show you how to repair a lawn mower starter. Okay, this is a common starter for a lawn mower and I am going to show you how to replace the rope in the starter which is the most common part to fail on a starter. Often the rope will break; this one is showing you some signs of fraying; they, they start wearing. The, this wear is usually cause by the islet on the handle. If the rope is still attach and altogether, you can simply take the starter, pull it all the way; let pull the rope all the way out to the end of the knot, right there. Then, I use a Philip screw driver; take a, take a pair and needle those pliers, pull the rope out; the rope is not going to be reuse so you just simply cut them out off, pull the rope out and then get your new piece of rope. First thing you want to do is you just tie a knot in the rope and you leave a little bit of access there, make sure it's nice and tight. Now you can tighten it up with a piece of pliers; make sure it's good and tight. And then make sure there's no oil or gas around or any flammables and then simply burn the end with the lighter. You can use a match or whatever you prefer. I like to leave a little ball on the end; that makes it harder to pull through there just in case, just in case the rope would; the knot would come lose and then it would keep that from pulling through. Just a little extra insurance; so that keeps it from fraying and pulling through our heaven and knot come apart. Then I do the other end and this allows it to feed through that hole a lot easier. So here again, you can take a rug, make sure the rug doesn't have any gas or oil on it when you're doing that. You don't want the blob on this end 'cause you need to feed it through that hole. So you simply take that rope and you can kind of turn the pull on you a little bit to, to line it up 'cause it, it doesn't always want to go in there. I'll show you again. Like say, if it misses it a little, you can just simply turn that, pull you a little just to get it in there. So if it's over here, you, you're going to have a hard time feeding it through. So you just want to get it line up like that to where it's a straight shot. And then just pull the rope all the way through, all the way to the end; make sure it's nice and tight. The rope will go back in and what I like to do is just tie up a slip knot in there, just to make sure that it doesn't wind back up in there when you're trying to put the rope on. And you just simply take the rope, put it back through 'till you can see it come out and you'll see the rope poke through there. It doesn't necessarily have to go one way or another; it just has to go through there. So you just take a screw driver, poke it through, okay. And once you could see it, then you just simply take through needle nose, pull it through, then tie your knot on this end. There again you can leave a little access, about an inch is good and then you can make sure the rope's, your knot's tied with a pair of pliers like that. Then pull that back in, like that. You don't want the rope hanging out of the handle. Okay and that's how you put a rope in a recoil starter.