Video transcription

Hi, have you ever had bad hair days? Well, I do, even though I'm a style and beauty expert. Hi, I'm Wendi Braswell. I'm going to show you, today, a guide to wearing scarves on your head, alright? First, it's very simple. We're going to take a scarf, and fold it half. This is called the Kelly. We're going to put it right on the crown of your head. She's going to hold that in place for me. You're going to take it to the side, and just tie a knot, simple loose. You've seen this great Kelly. All she needs is a big pair of shades. Very great way to wear a scarf as a head covering. Love it. Very simple, very chic, it actually is functional, keeps your hair under wraps. Second way, is you're going to take that longer version of the scarf, the end, and tie it into a knot. Second way to wear it as a head scarf. Love it. Adds detail, and actually draws a lot of attention to her face, which is beautiful. Now, the third way, which is so retro, is a very cool way. This is the Audrey Hepburn way. You're going to take the ends, and you're going to flip the, around the back. She's going to turn around here, and you're simply going to tie it in the knot. Makes it very secure, especially if you're in that convertible, having a bad hair day. Very secure, but very chic, very cool. Make sure you have a print or a pattern on your scarf. Three ways to wear a head scarf. Love it. If you'd like more tips, you can find me on the web at