Video transcription

Hi, I'm Johnny Miles, Head Golf Professional at the Lake Powell National Golf Course in Page, Arizona. And I'm going to show you how to cure your slice. Now, let's face it. If you slice a ball which means for a right-handed golfer, ball goes out and curves pretty violent to the right, all that means is that your golf club is set to square to your target in the impact area is open. So, when I'm working with the pupil and they're having a problem, problem hitting the ball to the right, okay, for right-handed player again, the first thing I do is I look at their golf grip. If they're gripping the club in the palm and their grip is too weak; in other words, it's real tidied too far to the left, that club face is going to open in the hitting area. That's primarily with the left hand. Okay. So, with the, what I do is I take the golf club and I show him how to grip it in their fingers, bring the hand around and put the thumb down the right side of the shaft. Then, I take their right hand and I mold it to their left so the hands work together. Now, what happens is the club head has the chance to square up in the hitting area instead of being open. You have three hands when you play golf; the two hands God gave you and the club head, that's your third hand. These two hands control this hand. And if you want to get your professional, he'll do it for free in the golf shop. I do it here all the time. The second thing I look at is ball position. When you setup to a golf ball, if your ball position is too far forward or too far back, it can affect the position of the golf club. So, check your grip, check your ball position. The, after I've done that, I show my players a very simple way to get their club head square in the impact area so it's not open. Once they're setup and they're gripping the club correctly, I have them lift the club up. See that's square; that's square and that's square. If you notice the toe of the club is up. So, I teach my players, on the forward swing if they're hitting the ball to the right, to swing the club and get the toe up on the forward swing. Sometimes, I have to use a little different technique because there's more than one way to get something done and in this situation, I might tell him to get the toe to pass the heal of the golf club. So, the toe has to pass the heel. That looks close, no, that's square. So, grip, ball position and learn how to get that club face square to close. One of the things that I learn as a young man just watching some good teachers and, and reading and that type of thing was a technique that Harvey Penick use. He would take his players to the range, they were slicing it and he teach him how to hook a golf ball. And then, he bring them back to center because if you know how to hit it right and you know how to hit it left, then, you darn well know how to hit it straight. So, practice this, you're going to cure that slice and have a lot more fun. I'm Johnny Miles.