Hi I'm Charles Stewart, Jr. and I'm going to show you how to use an external hard drive with other computers. We are going to use Windows as our demonstration. This is pretty easy. I have got this external hard drive right here hooked up to my computer and I am going to open up my computer and I'm going to find it. It is the RM 5 drive and what I'm going to do is I'm going to right click on it and then choose sharing and security. When I choose that little properties when it pops up saying do you understand that you are going to share the root drive and just click yes. Just be aware that you are making your drive visible to other users on a network is pretty much what that is saying. You can go down to network and sharing and say share this folder on the network and you are giving the share name and you can change it if you like and then you can allow network users to change my files. I probably wouldn't do that unless you need them to write files if they are just copying files that you have put up but that is an option that you have. Then just hit apply and then o'kay. Now you will see a little hand up here under your drive and that means it is accessible by anyone on your network so if they do a search for a drive on your network, that drive will now appear on your network and they'll access it. That's it for sharing an external drive on a network with other computers.