Video transcription

My name is Dr. Hans Delfo, doctor of chiropractic in Los Angeles, California. I want to talk a little bit about how to stop a back spasm. A back spasm is a muscular response by the body to injury. It can be a micro injury such as a malposition of the spine or it can be something major like a traumatic injury due to sports or a slip and fall. It can also be a reaction to a position whether it be sleeping, working, standing, sitting, these can all contribute to the tightening of the back muscles. There are some important things to remember when dealing with a back spasm. First you want to remove the aggravating activity. If it's a sports injury, lay off on the sports for a little bit. If it's something that's a posture or the way you are sitting and that's what aggravates it, be sure to stretch and get up and walk around. Some other remedies for a back spasm would be ice. You can do this at home. A good rule of thumb for ice is 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off and be sure not to place the ice directly on the skin because it may cause some soft tissue damage. Do that for the first 24 to 48 hours. If it persists, you can try and use heat. The best treatment for a back spasm is to see your doctor of chiropractic. A chiropractor is a musculoskeletal and nervous system expert. A chiropractor is trained to find out the cause of the stress and strain that's causing this reaction by the body. A chiropractor will generally check the position of the spine. When a segment is misaligned in the spine, the body's reaction is one of injury. It will cause muscle spasm, swelling and pain. Through an adjustment, the malposition of that spinal segment can be corrected which will help relieve the muscle spasm and the body's response to injury. Therapy such as ultrasound, stretching and also a postural evaluation are going to be very important in treating those lower back spasms. Posture at work, at home, at school or even while sleeping can contribute to back spasm and the body's injury. Correcting any poor posture issues can help alleviate that back spasm and alleviate any future back spasms. So see your doctor of chiropractic for back spasm treatment and to help avoid any future back spasms. My name is Dr. Hans Delfo, and this has been how to stop a back spasm.