Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jesse Collins. This is Chris. We're from Champion MMA. We're going to show you a basic triangle choke from the guard. For this clip, you're going to need a gi or kimono, a training partner and a training space or area. I'm on my close guard, what I need to do is I need to get one in and one out. What I mean by that is I need to get one of his hands in between my legs, okay. So, a real basic easy way to do that is whichever arm I want to attack, I'm going to post the opposite leg on his hip. From here, I'm going to push this arm through my leg as, this leg's on the hips so I can climb. I need to climb my hips up. Get my hips in his legs, pull him down, grab my shin. From here, I can make any kind of adjustments I need to catch, this leg will come on top; I'm going to point this toe to the sky, I'm going to point that foot to the wall. Put the arm across, grab the head, squeeze. So, you figure four your legs, put the arm across, point your toe up, point this leg away. So, you turn your knee into his head and adds pressure on the shoulder, makes him go out and just control the head by holding his head so he gets out of posture. If I get him like this and I give him room for posture, he can posture so that he can defend. I don't want that to happen. So, as soon as I get my legs locked, I'm going to hold the head, I'm going to crunch my stomach and squeeze everything I have, saving up that tongue. That's triangle choke from the close guard.