How to change the indicator bulb in a Honda Civic

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The indicator bulb in a Honda Civic is very easy to replace. In fact, once you know how to change it, you should be able to replace your indicator bulb without turning to an expensive mechanic every time it burns out. These instructions are divided into two sections: the front indocator bulbs and the bulbs in the rear.

Front bulbs

Start the car and turn the steering wheel all the way towards the opposite side of the light bulb you are replacing. If you are replacing the driver's side bulb, turn the wheel to the right; for the passenger's side bulb, turn the wheel to the left. Then stop the car. This turns the wheel so that it's not in your way.

Check under the inner wing directly in front of the tyre. You should see a cover with a holding clip to keep it in place. Disconnect the holding clip using a flathead screwdriver and then detach the inner wing cover.

Grasp the light bulb socket in the turn signal array and give it a one-quarter turn counterclockwise. Carefully pull it free.

Push the old bulb into the socket and turn it counterclockwise to disconnect it. Then pull it free.

Push the new bulb into the socket and turn it clockwise until it is secure. Replace the socket in the headlight array and turn it clockwise to set it in place.

Turn on the lights in the car without turning on the engine, and activate the indicator. Have someone outside the car check to make sure it is functioning.

Snap the wing cover back into place and tighten the holding clip with the screwdriver.

Rear bulbs

Pop the boot and remove any items that might be obstructing the indicator array. In some models, you may need to pull the lining aside as well. You can do this by detaching the pin holding it in place with a screwdriver.

Grasp the indicator light socket and turn it one-quarter of the way counterclockwise, then carefully pull it free.

Pull the bulb directly out of the socket and replace it with the new one. You can just push the bulb into place until you feel it touch the bottom of the socket interior.

Put the socket back into the indicator array and turn it one-quarter clockwise. Check to make sure it is secure.

Turn on the car's power and check to see that the indicator is working.

Replace the items you moved and close the boot.

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