How to Change a Bulb in a Nissan Micra

screwdriver image by Karol Grzegorek from

The Nissan Micra, or March, has never been available in the United states, though the model has been extremely important and popular to Nissan's market overseas. This ultra mini car has been manufactured since the early 1980s as an ideal urban runabout. The headlight construction on these simple vehicles is quite basic, making repairs very easy to perform. If the headlight bulb burns out all you'll need is a screw driver and a standard headlight replacement bulb to fix the situation.

Park the Micra on a stable surface and turn off the engine. Wait at least ten minutes for everything to cool before continuing. Then open the bonnet.

Look behind the burnt out bulb and notice the access panel / dust cover at the rear of the headlight assembly. Remove the screws holding it in place to gain access to the interior of the light.

Unplug the electrical wiring harness by pinching the base of the plug and pulling it free from the headlight assembly.

Reach into the assembly and grasp the bulb. Push it in gently and turn it to the left to loosen and remove it. Bring the bulb to a local auto parts store to purchase a replacement.

Insert the new bulb and twist it to the right to lock it in place. Then reverse the above steps to reassemble the headlight of your Micra.

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