Video transcription

Hello my name is Ben Bishop. I'm with Austin Habitat for Humanity and I am going to be showing you how we prep an area in soil before we lay the sod. You can see behind me here a little micro cosmo basically of the three stages of prepping the soil. You see some ladies in the back, what they are doing is essentially loosening the soil, aerating it, getting rid of the larger clods of clay that we have out here, getting those clods of clay off the premises and just making the soil nice and fluffy. After that fluffiness of the soil is established, we bring in the composted top soil, theDillo Dirt is what we call it here in Central Texas. That is a mineral and nutrition laden mixture that acts as the foundational support for the soil, for the topsoil for the sod. We will put about an inch or so of that stuff on, wherever there is going to be grass, wherever there is going to be trees, plants, "yada, yada, yada" and then after it's all smoothed out, the proper grade, the proper egress for water off the roofs is established, we're ready to lay the sod. As you can see they're doing it right here in the brick pattern, whole piece, half piece, just like bricks. At the end of the day we'll get a sod roller and roll it all out, that aerated soil, that compost mixture and that turf on top will be a nice beautiful finished product.